Second iteration of the flier

I put up one of the fliers in the previous post on a bulletin board at a local cafe. Apparently someone found it inappropriate because it was taken down about an hour later. So I made this:

Nothing offensive, yet it was taken down the next morning. Thinking that someone took it down because they just want to keep the information, I created the next one.

Yet, this morning, it was gone. Apparently, someone has decided to be offended by the idea of hackers and hackerspaces and totally ignoring the content of the flier.

wtf. I don’t even…


cdsteinkuehler’s RepRap Mendel Max

Here’s a video of Cdsteinkuehler’s RepRap Mendel Max 3D printer printing an 8-bit heart. In the back ground, you’ll here a conversation about building Tesla Coils, as well as some music from the Free Music Archive.

We have a new flier!

Expect to see it around town soon.



As we do not yet have a space to call our own, we have weekly meetings around 5 or 6pm on Fridays at PC911.

534 S. Kansas Avenue, Suite 110
Topeka, KS

Feel free to come by and take something apart, put something together, fix something, break something, or tell us we’re doing it wrong.

adastra webcasts

Many hacker space meetings and hacking sessions can be watched online at:


Feel free to tune in and chat along as we hack. Sometimes we are interactive. And if you can’t make it to a meeting you will often be able to watch it online.

Hello world!

This is the (hopefully) temporary home of the Ad Astra Community Laboratories Hackerspace in Topeka, KS.

Circumstances of a technical nature require that be taken down temporarily. Meanwhile the only method of publicly accessing information regarding the development and goings on at the hackerspace is through the facebook page (link here).

You might get lucky and find one of us on the IRC channel:   #adastralabs

This is kind of a shot in the dark and possibly a foolish one at that. It could be that this will go on for a while and more information will be added. It could also be that this blog will disappear tomorrow.